LaViella Moisturizer Prevents Dryness and Restores Healthy Skin Moisture (True Hydration)

laviella moisturizer
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Dry Skin Treatment – How to Heal Dry Skin Without Breaking Out – Skin Firming Cream

LAVIELLA MOISTURIZER is a natural skincare cream that restores skin moisture and skin firmness and keeps skin hydrated. It is made with a natural skincare LaViella Moisturizer secreted by snails of the species Crystomphalus Aspersa or Helix Aspersa Müller which include Proteoglycans and Glycosaminoglycans as well as enzymes and other components that show Fibroblast Growth Factor activity that triggers the proliferation of those same water-holding substances, new skin cells and new collagen and elastin connective tissues.

LaViella Moisturizer - face moisturizing cream

Key Properties

The New & Revitalizing

Oil Free  Natural Dew Based Moisturiser Mist –

The Refreshing Solution to All Your Facial Moisturizing Needs

Main Functions:

Moisturiser, Facial Cleansing & Toning   

Enhance face features and adds radiance to the face.   

Aids in lymphatic drainage & reduce water retention.  

Usage: To be used on face and neck  

What Does The Clinical Trial of LaViella Moisturizer Shows

The molecular basis for the regenerative properties of the LaViella Moisturizer has been established after screening and clinical trials by scientists from some of the most prestigious dermatology research centers in the world.

skin regeneration of all structural skin elements including water holding molecules: true moisturizer

Rather than take our word for it, read the actual study in its entirety on the website of the Journal of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology; click: Regenerative Properties of Mollusk Secretion

How Does It Work?

The secretion is the same these little creatures use to protect and repair the collagen and elastin in their skin when damaged. A substance packed with glycoconjugates that enhance the skin’s ability to produce collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans and always keep skin moisturized.

These molecules are always present in the dermis and have a large water holding capacity -true moisturizing- and thus provide support and skin strength, helping skin retain moisture and elasticity and able to preserve skin’s integrity and withstand stretching, tension and compression forces without tearing. They also helps to firm the skin and avoid sagging and wrinkles.

Elastin, the structural protein which allows our skin to stretch, also deteriorates as we age, primarily due to the long term effect of inflammation. Inflammatory responses cause the release of degradative enzymes including Human Leucocyte Elastace (HLE). This enzyme not only destroys the elastin content of the dermis, it can be responsible for the degradation of other valued components as well. Loss of elastin may lead to sagging of the skin. Enzymes in LAVIELLA MOISTURIZER’s ingredients have the ability to effectively inhibit (HLE).

LaViella Moisturizer

What causes dry skin and what ingredients in skin moisturizers do work?

Dry skin is caused by two factors: (I) One is the damage to the skin’s protective barrier and thus excessive water loss through the skin, and (II) A reduction in the concentration of the skin’s water-holding sugar and protein molecules, the complex proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) or carbohydrate molecular chains.

LAVIELLA MOISTURIZER is also antimicrobial and recommended to control acne, avoid breakouts and heal skin dryness due to Accutane (drug used to impair the sebum glands and thus reduce sebum output) or radiodermatitis (such as it affects people going through radiotherapy for cancer).

The LaViella Moisturizer is a specially formulated natural mist to combine cleansing, moisturizing, toning and firming functions into one.  

It’s convenient to use. Anytime and Anyplace, you can use it to keep your skin moist and have natural tender and radiance skin.

It also can be used as toner and help to set our make-up.

It has natural essential oil as main ingredient which can easily absorbed by our skin.

It also helps to remove water retention and enhance lymphatic drainage.

It is very refreshing and it eases the tiredness instantly.

That’s the reason it was named “LaViella Moisturizer”. It allows our skin to be tenderly soft and radiance.

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