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Nano Hemp Patch An Alternate to CBD Pills

Nano Hemp Patch is the best alternate to cbd pills and drops. You don’t need to go senseless by using cbd pills. Now with Nano cbd patches you can simply cure the pain area while remaining in complete senses.

What is the Research on HEMP?

Research shows that HEMP benefits include acting as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antiemetic, anxiolytic, and major tranquilizer, and is, therefore, a possible medicine for the treatment of neuroinflammation, epilepsy, oxidative injury, vomiting, nausea, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

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Why Does HEMP Have So Much Therapeutic Potential?

There is evidence, mainly from animal studies and in vitro experiments, that HEMP may have neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties, and potential therapeutic value within the treatment of motivational disorders like depression, anxiety, and addiction.

How Does Nano Hemp Patch Work?

Nano Hemp Patch is removable, adhesive-coated films that release cannabinoids into the body from the surface of the skin. Cannabinoids in Nano Hemp Patches are coated with a special coating, which allows them to pass through all layers of the skin and directly into the bloodstream. This method is usually preferred to topical products like lotions and creams because the consequences set in faster and are significantly more efficient. Due to the way they work, patches can offer relief all day or night to those with chronic problems like pain or anxiety.

Quick Relief With 21st Century Discovery

Patients will feel the effects of Nano Hemp Patch within 15 minutes after application. As phytocannabinoids move into the skin, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to the brain and the rest of the body. The good thing about the transdermal patch is that it bypasses the lungs, liver, and stomach. This means that 100% of the medicinal value is obtained.

Once the patches are removed, the effects will wear off in about 45 minutes. This may be useful for patients who are starting a medical cannabis treatment and may need to become familiar with the effects. One of the most notable benefits of Nano Hemp Patch is that they remain active longer than other consumption methods, which may require frequent use to maintain relief. Nano Hemp Patch provides constant relief for several hours, without the need for a new treatment.

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6 Reasons Why Nano Hemp Patches Are Better Than Traditional Pills

1- Patches allow for continuous release

Direct-to-bloodstream delivery while bypassing the liver’s metabolic activity.

2- Patches deliver nutrients bypassing the hepatic pathway

Patches deliver 10 times the dosage that comparable oral supplements deliver.

3- Patches allow for control of both the dose and the time

Patches utilize the skin’s natural barrier properties in order to achieve a constant permeation of the vitamins and achieve steadier blood levels.

4- Patches avoid the first-pass metabolism

A pill enters the digestive tract, where it is broken down by the acid in the stomach and it can result in diminished effectiveness of the vitamins taken.

5- Reduced side effects

Say goodbye to nausea or an upset stomach due to daily usage of pills because the vitamins bypass the gastrointestinal tract.

6- More convenient. One patch daily vs multiple vitamins multiple times per day

Patches are simply placed on the skin, worn for a prescribed period of your time , and removed.

What are the Benefits of Hemp?


Antipsychotic Antidepressant, Anti-anxiety, Neuroprotective


Anti-emelic, appetite control


Analgesic for rheumatoid arthritis


Stimulate new bone growth and strengthening bones affected by osteoporosis


Vasorelaxant for glaucoma


Atherosclerosis, Anti-ischemic(Prevent plaque buildup in arteries), Anti-inflammatory



How to Use Nano Hemp Pacth?

Few things are easier to use than our wholesale CBD patches. Simply place the patch on an area of skin free of hair, lotions, and creams. Press gently and you’re done! Using our wholesale CBD patch is as easy as putting on a band-aid!

Nano Hemp patch is an excellent alternative to CBD pills, CBD powders, CBD oil tinctures, and other traditional methods of supplying CBD oil to the body. Some of the other benefits of CBD patches include ease of use, long shelf life, extended-release delivery, convenience, avoidance of the digestive tract, and avoidance of metabolism by the liver.

Nano Hemp Patches are Natural Vitamin

Nano Hemp Patches are classified as a natural vitamin patch. Unlike a transdermal patch, no prescription is required for the Nano CBD patch, and the ingredients are all-natural and made using registered industrial CBD hemp products. Each patch contains no artificial colors, casein, corn, colors, dairy, egg, fillers, flavorings, gluten, GMO, latex, MSG, peanuts, preservatives, seafood, soy, sugar, and tree nuts.

Why Nano Hemp Pacth is better?

Avoid the first pass effect

Simple and convenient

Long duration of action: 8 hours

Controlled and constant administration

Directed delivery

No interference with gastric and intestinal fluids

Standard with lidocaine and menthol

Custom strengths and formulations available

Customized cannabinoid formulations available

Private label and white label available

Price Options

DetailOne PatchFour PatchesEight Patches
Regular Price$24.50$98$196
Total Price After Discount$18.99$67.96$119.92
Handling Fee$3.95$3.95$3.95
Shipping CostFreeFreeFree
Your Net Saving$5.51$30.04$76.08
Price Table And Saving Calculation

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