Research & Science

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Research & Science Purpose and Criteria

We conduct research in our scientific labs on the ingredients used in different supplements, Diets and medicine in order to create awareness among consumers to know what they are taking and how it will impact there health. Our Team of great professionals work hard to get maximum information for consumers.

research and science

We provide analysis on ingredients, supplements and diets as well as risk assessments for human health in all major industries. We develop and evaluate analysis methods, and create analysis procedures, standards and protocols.

Fitness Chief establishes strategic partnerships with academic, industrial and regulatory bodies for research and development projects adapted to promote public health around water safety, food safety, pharmaceutical, sustainability and consumer products.

The Fitness Chief team performs the following tasks: confidential research and development analysis; development of contract methods; analysis and advisory services in chemistry, microbiology, genomics and toxicology; verification of product claims; laboratory management and quality; training on methods; and risk assessment for human health.

Our Criteria:

1- Benefits of The Ingredient,

2- How Does the Ingredients work in combination with other ingredients,

3- Impact of ingredients on consumer health,

4- The side effects an ingredient can cause to consumer health.

5- Usage impact of ingredients during different health conditions like pregnancy, diabetes etc. 

**The Research we conduct is only for information purpose.  We do not take any type of liability or legal consequences.