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xterilizer robot
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Xterilizer Robot is a device with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to stop bacteria and keep your place clean.  It is a unique product that works on AI technology and saves your precious time.  The UVD Germicidal Robot Sterilizer Robot is used as part of the regular cleaning cycle and aims to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, and other types of harmful organic microorganisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA / RNA structure.

The Xterilizer Robot is safe, reliable, and eliminates human error. Additionally, it is easy to use and designed to be operated by the cleaning staff every day.

Xterilizer Robot - image showing the 99.99% bacteria elimination


  1. Xterlizer Robot is a disinfectant cleaner robot.
  2. It has Artificial Intelligence to avert bacteria.
  3. 18 sensors are inserted in it to counter any obstacles around it.
  4. Tinny in size
  5. Low Weight
  6. Can be carried anywhere while you are traveling
  7. Tested on more than 40 types of surfaces for effective working
  8. 99.99% bacteria killed in 10 minute disinfection time

Robot sales to reach one million units in 2020

According to consulting firm Deloitte Canada, sales of professional service robots will reach $ 17 billion in revenue this year, 40% more than in 2019.

Why is Xterilizer Robot Important?

Disinfecting spaces such as Home, Schools, Resturant, Hotels, warehouses, and factories is an especially important task during the COVID-19 pandemic, but doing that while keeping people safe can be challenging. That’s why the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence came up with a solution: use a robot that uses UV-C light to disinfect surfaces and neutralize aerosolized forms of coronavirus.

Overcome Traditional Cleaning

The idea was to go beyond traditional cleaning. During “the Covid-19 Crisis, the manufacturing company carried out the cleaning service of several hospitals in different parts of the world.  Then, “the need and the idea arose to search the market for new technologies and methodologies that would improve the procedures in this part of both preventive and corrective disinfection, as a complement to cleaning, which is originally the service that they performed.

After the Covid-19 crisis, the Xterilizer Robot began to develop, together with the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB) tests to verify the effectiveness of the system to effectively eliminate various pathogenic microorganisms present in our Hospitals. Super-bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, etc.

Reduces the Risk of Disease

“The objective of Xterilizer Robot is to reduce the risk of transmission of nosocomial diseases that exist in hospitals, hotels, home and working places infections transmitted by air or by contact,” says the head of the project.

With Xterilizer Robot, Ecomerzpro is a pioneer in the introduction of this technology for cleaning services around the globe. In addition to being a partner and scientific collaborator of the main scientific entities in the bacteria cleaning sector it is the main company for developing the first AI based bacteria cleaning machine.

Proven Efficacy

The tests carried out have demonstrated the high capacity of this system, with an efficiency of 100% virus elimination, 99.99% elimination of vegetative bacteria and spores, under laboratory conditions.

“At the facilities we carry out laboratory tests to verify the effectiveness of the Xterilizer Robot using various improved protocols based on the manufacturer’s own protocol,” says the representative. “We basically fired shots from one meter away with duration of five minutes.”

Improved Results

During the study, “in-depth tests were carried out on a wide selection of multi-resistant bacteria that produce nosocomial infections, such as Klebsiella pneumoniae or Acinetobacter baumanii; on different high resistance bacterial spores conventionally used for the validation of different sterilization methods, such as Geobacillus stearothermophilus; on the fungus Aspergillus niger, also an important infectious agent in the health field; Covid-19 virus and on various viruses with different resistance to ultraviolet light, such as the vesicular stomatitis virus or the coroavirus responsible for the Middle East respiratory syndrome ”.

Xterilizer Robot Command Control

When the idea arose, “in the market there were different disinfection and sterilization methods such as peroxides, ozone, very extreme resources that limit use since they have to spend practically a day without being able to use the rooms, or even methods with UVC light with lamps. of mercury, very ineffective and efficient… ”explains the head.

Results Tested Practically

The company has not made a direct comparison between the effectiveness of xenon ultraviolet light and the classic mercury ultraviolet light, says the Head, “but according to the experimental results obtained with the first and the data collected in the bibliography on the second, it is clear that xenon ultraviolet light is much more efficient in reducing the microbial load existing on contaminated surfaces.”

Xterilizer Robot - effective sterilization with 18 sensors to avoid blockage

Advantages of Xterilizer Robot

The Xterilizer Robot is easy to implement in hospital, restaurant, hotel, home and working place hygiene processes as a complement to cleaning. “It is a very simple technology, it can be used by any one only after reading the user manual”, given its effectiveness it allows its use periodically in High Risk areas, reducing the microbial load in these areas, he says.

Furthermore, the use of this device can be very advantageous in two types of scenarios, explains the representative: “In facilities that require a high level of disinfection, for example in drug production facilities; and in buildings where there is a greater risk of spreading infectious diseases, either because of the type of use of the building (places of internment, schools, etc.) or because of the greater sensitivity of the people who inhabit the building to infectious diseases, for example nursing homes and nurseries ”.

A profitable investment

When it comes to profitability, it is not so much because of the “savings in terms of cleaning, but rather in terms of savings as infected areas”. It is estimated that for every Dollar invested, the return is two Dollars in the short-medium term.

Our Opinion On Xterilizer Robot

To verify that the light dose was correct, the team used specific dosimeters for UV-C light, thus confirming that this kind of disinfectant Roomba provided the expected amount of light. Everything always remotely controlled, being able to let it map autonomously or with some remote control by an operator.

What they have not commented on is the autonomy of the Xterilizer Robot in terms of its energy consumption, but taking into account that it is not small and that it takes half an hour to travel a considerable surface it does not seem a limitation. Yes, it is the fact that there are areas in constant change, such as in this case the download, but for this, they are investigating how the sensors that the robot includes can help (so that it can adjust its speed and other parameters).

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